Inertia (2005)

Severed (2003)



NY Times, "This beautiful recording of the piano music of Jonathan Pieslak, played with extraordinary rhythmic clarity and expression by the pianist Robert Auler, spans extremes..." (read more)

American Record Guide, "...a skillful and evocative piano composer...This is a rewarding release by a composer we need to hear more from."

Syracuse.com, "Shards," Albany Records' radiant 2014 release, features spirited artist Robert Auler performing Jonathan Pieslak's classical compositions for solo piano. Pieslak, a brilliant contemporary composer, references the sounds of rock, jazz and Vedic chant to create innovative music ranging in mood from sizzling to serene..." (read more)

Jonathan Pieslak

Academic Researcher and Composer

Charlotte Observer, "Tchaikovsky and Pieslak don't have a lot in common stylistically, though both pianists tackle their virtuosic and challenging music with aplomb. (Each disc is not only well-played but superbly recorded.) But the pieces, written more that a century apart, have this in common: They reflect the times they were composed and the states of their composers' minds..." (read more)


Chamber & solo                                                   vocal

Bhakti (1), Unburdening (2012)                                                                        Solar Flares (2005)

Piano and recording                                                                                        Women's Chorus

Gray Fractions (2010)                                                                                     Bhakti (3), Shivaratri (2013)

Cello Quartet                                                                                                    Chanting

Prednisomnia (2011)                                                                                        In Pulverem Mortis (2005)

Bass Clarinet, Piano, Violin, and Cello                                                        Women's Chorus

White Shadows (2009)                                                                                  Bhakti (2), Om Meditation (2013)

Violin and Piano                                                                                              Chanting

Shards (2008)                                                                                                  Bhakti (5), Om Meditation, 108 (2014)

Piano                                                                                                                   Chanting

Replisome Strands (2010)                                                                                                                        

Saxophone Quartet

Spiral (2003)


Facades (2010)

Saxophone Quartet

Prednisomnia (arr. 2012)


American Atmospheres (2005)


Dancers of a Fractured Method (2009)

Percussion Quartet

My thanks to the musicians who perform and have performed my music; all performer and

recording information is included on the individual links.  In some instances, recordings are

accompanied by scrolling scores on video.