Jonathan Pieslak

Academic Researcher and Composer

Album release of Shards: Piano Music of Jonathan Pieslak.  

Robert Auler, Piano. Albany Records (2014).

"...a brilliant contemporary composer..."  


"...above all an assured, instantly communicative musical language..."

(NY Times)

Radicalism & Music

(Wesleyan University Press, November 2015)

Jonathan's new book explores the music cultures of al-Qa'ida, the Racist Skinheads, Christian-Affiliated Radicalism, and Eco-Animal Rights Militancy.  Click here to read more, or go to the Wesleyan University Press page or Amazon for the book (available in Kindle for any device).

                  Listen:     Shards

                                  Bhakti (1), Unburdening



                                  American Atmospheres


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Click here to read Jonathan's September 28 article in The Conversation, "For the Islamic State, music is the 'alcohol of the soul'."

Click here to listen to Jonathan's piece on terrorism and music for "The Academic Minute".

Presently, Jonathan is part of a team exploring the mobilizing influence of media in the jihadi-Salafist movement. This research is being led by Anthony Lemieux and is funded by a Minerva Grant from the Department of Defense.