My book, Radicalism & Music (Wesleyan University Press), examines the music cultures of al-Qa'ida, the Racist Skinheads, Christian-Affiliated Radicalism, and Eco-Animal Rights Militancy.  Click here to read more, or check it out on Amazon.

Jonathan Pieslak

Academic Researcher and Composer

New and Upcoming

  • Studies in Conflict and Terrorism published my article, co-authored with Brian Pieslak and Anthony Lemieux, "Trends of Anashid Usage in Da‘esh Video Messaging and Implications for Identifying Terrorist Audio and Video". The article explores the possibilities of automatic content recognition (ACR) tools for the identification of terrorist audio and video online. 

  • ​Dr. Nelly Lahoud and I co-authored an extensive article on the history, influence, text, and sound of the anashid of the Islamic State. The article is published in Studies in Conflict and Terrorism.​

  • The forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Protest Music (Oxford University Press), edited by Noriko Manabe and Eric Drott, includes my chapter, "The Islamic State as Social Movement Organization and the Concept of Protest in its Anashid."

  • Presently, I am part of a team project exploring the mobilizing influence of media in Jihadi-Salafi movements, particularly the Islamic State. This project is funded by a Minerva Grant from the U.S. Department of Defense. See the Current Research page for more details.