Baby Chic is a saucy beast

Baby Chic is a Saucy Beast is the name I've used for all of my non-classical music projects.  These include metal tracks, hip-hop beats, acoustic and pop songs I write with my wife, Sabina, metal re-makes of my classical pieces (like Spiral and Prednisomnia), and everything else.  If you like what you hear, I've got free Baby Chic stickers :)


"Goofing around (a), a touch of djent"                    "o-300 velvet hit"                          "The Tenth Man"                          

"Replisome Strands (live)"                                        "Prednisomnia"                            "Hip-Hop Beat (a)"                       

"Say Goodnight"                                                           "Goofing around (b)"                 "Spiral"                


"Monsters Inc." (silly song)

Jonathan Pieslak

Academic Researcher and Composer